Happpy World Chocolate Dayy Everyone! A small post about the Chocolate.Be ready to experience the Chocoastic Adventure..So Let's Start ;D *starts eating chocolate*

- From : Benedict Bartholomew

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Prisoner in hell

Prisoner in hell the world chocolate day is celebrated on july 7th, it is the same day as the independence day in my country irl, and with that info I now find out,im white chocolate:eww

Joanna Bishop

Joanna Bishop Dark chocolate You're sexy, but also kind of bitter. I don't know,Am I? =))))

Echo Nocturne

Echo Nocturne I got Hot Chocolate~ Apparently I'm Cozy and Great with kids lol

Eleanore Grimsbane

Eleanore Grimsbane I am 'Milk Chocolate' According to the quiz, everyone loves me XD

Levana Grimsbane

Levana Grimsbane You made my hungry, I want even more chocolate now :( hhahaha

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