What do you see first?
Do you like to search for things? Do you like to show off your visuals skills? and do you like to know a little about the things you first notice? Welcome to the "What do you see First?" Blog Edition.

- From : Benedict Bartholomew

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Prisoner in hell

Prisoner in hell i saw both animal

Eleanore Grimsbane

Eleanore Grimsbane That is a bird? I thought it was some kind of cute red ghost! Anyway, yeah, that is what I saw first

Alanna Laverty

Alanna Laverty Where is the lion? oO I see a bird and something that could be a bear or such an animal but no lion...

Mathilda Croft

Mathilda Croft i saw the bird first, what a pretty bird hehe

Harleen Crawford

Harleen Crawford I saw the lion first XD It took another few seconds to see the bird.

Levana Grimsbane

Levana Grimsbane I see a bird :') haha it even took my some minutes when I saw the lion too

Xarnetta Claymore

Xarnetta Claymore Ooo I got the exotic bird! <3

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