Pick Your Cauldron! #001
Pick a cauldron, win prizes-- or not! :D

- From : Hwan Bin

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Allison Finley

Allison Finley #1

Bridget Paorach

Bridget Paorach I’ll take 4

Nari Mai

Nari Mai Gimme 3!

Lillian Mason

Lillian Mason I will pick number 2

Emrys Desrosières

Emrys Desrosières I would like cauldron 3, but I do find it odd there isn’t a middle number…

Larry Becker

Larry Becker Number 2 for me please :p

Ailìs Armstrong

Ailìs Armstrong 4 smells alright.. imma pick that one

Sirena Price

Sirena Price 1

Asahi DaGyeong

Asahi DaGyeong Mh, give me 2!

Beatrice Willowfield

Beatrice Willowfield Number 3!

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