Are you an emoji Expert?Do you like to quiz?OR Do you like to emoji quiz?Then This Blog Series "Emoji Takeover" is just the right one for you.The SoMe Team has organized a emoji quiz to check your knowledge on different topic which will be chosen every month.

- From : Benedict Bartholomew

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Eleanore Grimsbane

Eleanore Grimsbane 4/4! Though this one was definitly harder

Luca Diablo

Luca Diablo Yay 4/4!

Aeryn Devereaux

Aeryn Devereaux 3/4 Again XD

Harleen Crawford

Harleen Crawford 4/4 XD Again

Theta Rosenbourne

Theta Rosenbourne 4/4!

Echo Nocturne

Echo Nocturne I got 3/4~ Loved this.

Isolde Fardale

Isolde Fardale Yay, I got all four again!

Seraphina Blackthorne

Seraphina Blackthorne 4/4 x)

Prisoner in Hell

Prisoner in Hell 4/4

Elide Grimsbane

Elide Grimsbane I got 3 out of 4 again xD

Seraphina Hyland

Seraphina Hyland O.o certainly fun!

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