Inside out

Inside out: Keene Mahelona

Hello Everyone, here I am again with another inside out. My appologies for taking so long for this second edition but some things happened that made me go abscence, but here I am again. Today we got another person speaking about the character he/she created so lets get to it. I give you the amazing Keene Mahelona.


Keene Mahelona


Where should I start? Well, I formed my character around my IC job, which is ‘Minister of Security and Safety’. I already knew I wanted to have the Faceclaim of Jason Momoa, and so the choice of a character that was a Which Hunter was set. However, I did want to have some sort of uniqueness to Keene, which is why I made him a morale witch hunter. This means he is very picky in who he actually hunts. If you don’t hurt others you have nothing to fear from him, except maybe some flirtation… However, if you hunt anyone in his precious town of Greendale, you have it coming…


Keene and myself OOC are probably as little alike as anything… Although we still share some similarities. I love sports and working out, and so does Keene. I also am really tall and dark-haired, but that is pretty much where all the similarities lie.


Keene has quite a couple of relations set in his story, although there is always room for more (hit me up with ideas!). Witches took his parents from him when he was really young, and so he has trained his skills as a witch hunter since he was a child. He come across some people on the way, friends (Duncan & Tessa), foes (Debora & Novella), and anything in between. For example, he was sworn enemies with Edouard, but over time the two obtained some sort of mutual respect and are thus frenemies. He also helps out young fellow hunters and humans (Morrigan & Novalie).


I guess that in the aspect in having many relations Keene and I are more alike than I thought in the first place. People that know me will probably agree that I am a social person. I love talking to different people and getting to know them.


I had a lot of fun writing this and showing more of how Keene came to be! I can’t wait to see who’s next!