Winter Calendar

Day 8 | Special SoMe Team Event | Advent Calendar | Year 9

Each day a new day
with a new box to open
and to win prizes

inter is one of the most wonderful times of the year. Many families are coming together. Eat together from the most incredibles recipes they make. Chicken? Cake? Christmas cookies or anything else? Each family has their own way to celebrate these times of year. Some do it with a tree in house. Others with presents and others do celebrate it with just dinner with the whole family.

We were thinking of something to celebrate it with you. We thought, why not an advent calendar. Normally it starts at the first of december, but we will start today until Christmas is over. So two weeks long are you all able to win something. Each day we will post this article. Make sure to read it and to join in!

The thing is simple:
[1] Each day a new box has to be opened.
[2] The box can only be opened by an anagram.
[3] Depends on how many you had right to what gift you will get.

The gifts:
1 - 3 boxes: 300 IG money
4 - 7 boxes: 100 cookies
8 - 10 boxes: 60 Limited Editions
11 - 14 boxes: Malum Malus Apple

This event ends on 26 December.

The box of this day

atSna’s powrkohs

The anagram is CAOS or Winter/Christmas related. Once you know the answer, send it to Levana Grimsbane and Elliott Eydisson in one mail with the name "Winter Calendar". You can send all answers in that mail!
coded by Issie