Welcome to a new edition of Pick your Cauldron! This is a bi-weekly article that may have a few familiar elements to it for those who've been around for a longer period of time. The goal of this article? To provide you lot with a bit of entertainment and of course, free goodies. So let's get into the gritty details, shall we?

✤ Down below, you see four cauldrons. They all look similar, so there's absolutely no way to tell them apart. You pick one and post the corresponding number in the comments.
✤ In two weeks, when the next edition of this article will be posted, the results of this article will be included and you will be sent a gift for taking part.
✤ The Dead Man's Coins you can obtain are exchangeable for rare and perhaps even limited items. Check them out right here.

✤ You cannot participate with more than 2 accounts.
✤ Comments added after the next article is posted, will not be counted.
✤ Do NOT bother others for their received gifts. You WILL be banned from participating all together.

Last week:
x2 = Cauldron #4
x1 = Cauldron #3

Everyone else, better luck next time!

Pick your cauldron!


Make sure to pick your cauldron before time runs out in 14 days!