The Heretic's Herbiary

by Lyssa Delgado

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Welcome to my weekly article, The Heretic's Herbiary! In this weekly article, I will be discussing different herbs and plants and their connections to witchcraft through different cultural histories. I will be taking requests for herbs to cover, and this week will be baby's breath!

This is a flower that brings innocence and purity to everything it touches. If you're ready to look at life from a simpler perspective, this slow-living herb may be a perfect match!

Much like her herbal counterpart lavender, the baby's breath has a calm, soothing effect. She has a gentle energy that reminds you of childhood magic and nostalgic things. What is important to know about a baby's breath is that she is stronger than she looks!

This is a flower that will bring you courage, strength, and fortitude in times when you need it the most. I keep baby's breath flowers on my love altar, as well as in different places throughout my house. She clears up any troubles and cleanses the energy in any room.

If you're looking for love, then a baby's breath flower bouquet should do the trick! Baby's breath is known for attracting love, solidifying relationships, and is a great flower to serve at weddings. She represents eternal, everlasting love.

I've used baby's breath flowers in my hair while hiking pretty in mother nature. Anytime I clip a baby's breath into my hair or tuck it behind my ear, I end up crossing paths with potential partners. You can read more about wearing flowers in your hair to get started!

Sometimes, it's just a chance meeting and a golden opportunity, or other times, it's an encounter that could possibly lead to more. You know, like a date or something!

Either way, I highly encourage you to wear baby's breath to simplify your life! This is especially helpful during times when your life is busy and hectic. Baby's breath-dried herbs will help you to calm down and return to a state of relaxation.

Baby's breath will amplify your zen-like attitude! You'll find yourself wanting to chill, read a book in the forest, maybe watch the clouds take shape.

To work with baby's breath flowers, try adding her to an herbal envelope spell! Place her inside as nature in an envelope with the intention to make something magical happen in your witchcraft. Add a white clear quartz crystal to your envelope to enhance clarity, clear thinking, and the purification process.

I recommend using baby's breath flower arrangements in your everyday life! Give them to people that you love and tie them with a pure, white ribbon to seal them with the sweetness of living. For more on colored-ribbon magic, you might enjoy reading about enchanted hair ribbons, a spell that you wear in your hair daily!

I typically will use baby's breath flowers in spells in which I need clarity and insight on something. Due to its pure energy, baby's breath flowers make a great divination tool for fortune-telling. You can ask them a question for yes or no answers.

Place them in a cauldron and swirl them around with a group of carefully selected herbs from the magical herbarium for herbal witchcraft. Then, see how the baby breath flowers land. What story does it tell you?

If there are three baby's breath flower heads at the top, the answer is yes. Threes represent creativity, growth, and expansion.

If you have a lot of baby's breath heads floating at the top after stirring and shaking things up, your answer is no. What you are trying to do is too overwhelming at this time. You need to get all your ducks in a row first or revisit the idea at a later time.

If you have only one or two baby breath-dried flower heads at the top, the answer is a resounding yes! Less is more with baby's breath flowers! She'll help you to adopt the same kind of attitude.

You can even add her to your bath for a gentle spiritual retreat! She's the type of flower that makes you want to de-stress and enjoy your day.

The white dried flowers with the gentle name are here to evoke feelings of nostalgia and childlike wonder within you! Wear her in your everyday life to enhance the magic of slow living and to ground your energy in a gentle, peaceful way.

That's it for this week's Heretic's Herbiary! Remember to comment with an herd or plant you'd like to see in the article next time! Have a magical day!


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